British Airways arrivals San Francisco International Airport (SFO)

British Airways San Francisco SFO airport arrivals allow to check status of British Airways flight arrivals at San Francisco International Airport the information including flight delay status, schedule, terminal and gate, delays and cancelations.

Arrival times are given in local time. Current local time at San Francisco airport is 11:21 AM 2023-06-02

No. Scheduled Estimate/Actual Origin Status
BA5322 11:20 11:06 (ORD) Chicago, IL Arrived
BA5442 11:23 10:47 (PHL) Philadelphia, PA Arrived
BA4714 12:37 11:34 (JFK) New York, NY In Air
BA2954 12:45 12:39 (LAS) Las Vegas, NV Departed
BA4359 12:57 13:02 (DFW) Dallas-Fort Worth, TX In Air
BA2983 13:50 13:43 (PDX) Portland, OR Scheduled
BA285 14:15 14:31 (LHR) London In Air
BA6147 15:55 16:31 (DUB) Dublin Departed
BA6433 15:55 15:55 (SAN) San Diego, CA Scheduled
BA7525 16:00 16:00 (PDX) Portland, OR Scheduled
BA5318 16:23 16:03 (ORD) Chicago, IL Scheduled